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Digital Badges

What are digital badges?

Digital badges are a smart, simple, and visual way of recognising non-accredited learning and a useful way for you to evidence your professional development. They can be added to a CV, emails and online profiles.

Why we love digital badges

Not all learning happens on paper, gaining skills and knowledge is a very human activity that deserves to be celebrated!

Outside of formal qualifications, exams and tests, individuals are constantly evolving through everyday work, volunteering in communities, attending events, and interacting with new ideas – but how can we recognise and mark all this ‘extra stuff’ in a lasting and meaningful way?

Digital badges and LIFE

Digital badges are at the heart of LIFE. They provide valuable evidence of professional development for staff and powerful motivational tool to support ongoing learner engagement.

For Staff:


For each LIFE video there is a short assessment that staff can complete to demonstrate their participation and developing understanding. On completion and submission of the assessment staff will be issued with the relevant badge.


These badges recognise understanding put into practice. They are linked to each of the key themes and recognise work staff have undertaken with a learner to support them in addressing the barrier to learning. Staff need to complete and submit the short summary document below outlining their actions and the impact they have had to be issued with the badge.

There are a variety of LIFE badges that staff can issue to students in recognition of their own actions to address barriers to learning. For each of the barrier themes there are three levels of badge:


Earners have taken positive action to address the barrier to learning.


Earners have taken sustained action to address the barrier to learning.


Earners have taken successful action to address the barrier to learning.