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Barriers to learning, including the impact of trauma

Barriers to Life

The impact of confidence and resilience on learning


About the project:

LIFE is a Department for Education funded project designed and delivered by City College Plymouth.

It provides an online professional development and resource hub and knowledge-exchange for further education staff, devoted to supporting better understanding of barriers to learner inclusion. Created through a diverse partnership of further education and support organisations in Plymouth and Cornwall, it aims to upskill all staff members and thereby improve learner outcomes by:

  • Developing knowledge to better understand specific barriers to learning that students face due to mental health and digital wellbeing.
  • Encouraging staff to participate in online, digital activity which will also improve their own standards of digital literacy.
  • Utilising this new learning to improve staff digital pedagogies.

Person centered factors:

Understanding and tackling complex barriers to learning to create positive outcomes.

For many young people, the barriers to learning through further education are complex and tricky to navigate, often indicative of a wider set of circumstances. Explore our suite of tools and resources and access expert advice on identifying those barriers and find out how to create positive outcomes through motivation, aspiration building and self confidence. 

Barriers, Need
and Trauma

Positive Patterns

and Aspiration

and Resilience

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Browse through our most recent videos from experts in specific fields, take advantage of our wide range of resource based on topic areas or find signposting websites for further information. 

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External factors:

Addressing circumstances outside of the classroom

Circumstances outside of the classroom  can also create barriers to learner inclusion in further education.  In up skilling staff to not only identify where external factors might be at play but empowering them to sensitively address these with learners, we can create better educational outcomes. 

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Socioeconomic factors:

Addressing cultural factors creating a barrier to learner inclusion

Find the skills, knowledge and professional resources you need to support young people to overcome socioeconomic and cultural barriers to learner inclusion to create a better learning experience. 

Social Skills

Economic Disadvantage

Equality & Diversity

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