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Jay Johnson from City College Plymouth explores some of the health problems that come with poor time management, and offers tips on how to manage time more effectively.
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Jay Johnson is the Mental Health Coordinator at City College Plymouth, and in this video he explains how poor time management directly affects a student’s mental health, and how students with healthy time management actually feel more relaxed, less stressed, and more in control.

Jay suggests a number of tips to move towards better time management, and the first is to establish a student’s goals – both in the classroom and in their personal lives. Secondly, make a visual list of tasks to help organise yourself, and reinforce your desire to complete your goals. The third tip is to learn to prioritise tasks effectively by establishing what’s important to the student, what do they want to achieve, and how achievable the tasks actually are.

He also encourages regular breaks for fresh air, and regular breaks away from computer or phone screens as they can dramatically reduce productivity, eye strains and head aches.