VIDEO: Confidence and Resilience

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Ed Hart, Programme Lead at Real Ideas explains what we mean by Confidence and Resilience, where our fear of failure comes from, and highlights the importance of creating an environment that breeds confidence.
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Ed Hart is the Programme Lead at the Real Ideas Organisation in Plymouth, and in this video he explains what we mean when we say Confidence and Resilience, and notes that the people who appear most confident, can often quietly suffer with anxiety, and struggle with failure.

The role that lecturers have in breeding confidence in students is significant, and Ed explores how the attitude towards failure plays a key role in this. He goes on to explore what exactly lecturers can do to give students the confidence to try, fail, and try again, and the answer to this is breeding a culture where failure is regarded as a strength, not a weakness.

Ed encourages students to accept failure, to note the learning from their failure, and give it another go, he encourages students to celebrate failure, and regard it as a first step in the process of succeeding. Ed explains that this attitude towards failure is Resilience in itself – Being able to fail and try again, without worry of punishment or criticism.