VIDEO: Motivation and Aspiration

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Helen Power explains how fast-changing teenage years are, and how challenging it is for young people to find motivation and understand aspiration. Helen goes on to explore how to identify a student’s aspirations, and how best to support their learning with their goals in mind.
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Helen Power is a Navigator at the Real Ideal Organisation in Plymouth, and in this video she explores how challenging teenage years can be, and how important they are in developing social skills, social communications, and developing independence.

Helen explains how Covid-19 has affected many young people across the UK who are struggling to find motivation, and don’t understand what it means to have aspirations. A teachers’ role in supporting this journey is crucial, and Helen explores how best to identify a student’s aspirations, and how to support their learning with these aspirations in mind.

Helen goes on to define and break down Motivation, which she describes to be ‘a desire or willingness to affect change and to satisfy your needs’, and explains how best to identify the needs of the young students – Why are they taking this class? How will they enjoy it more? How can I help them learn?