VIDEO: Working With Parents and Carers

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Cheryl Powell, Lead Training Officer at City College Plymouth explains the importance of communicating with parents and involving them with their children’s learning, and lists the local agencies, services, and clubs available to young people.
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Cheryl Powell is the Lead Training Officer at City College Plymouth, and in this video she explains how effective it is to communicate with parents and identify any information that could be useful for a teacher. There are are a number of ways you can involve parents or carers with their children’s learning, including case conferences, written reports, or inviting them to college open evenings so that they can understand what facilities and services are available to their children.

Cheryl also explains how important it is to make students and parents aware the of the various support services and agencies from around Plymouth that could benefit them; these include Social Services, The Zone, SHARP, the External Career Teams, and plenty more.