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Abi Cowls, Mental Health Advisor at Truro & Penwith College explains how to recognise anxiety in students, and explores techniques to calm and support them, as well as signposting the services and support available to young people with anxiety.
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Abi Cowls is a Mental Health Advisor at Truro & Penwith College, and in this video she explains how anxiety can reach a tipping point where it starts to negatively affect a young person’s wellbeing; including their learning, and relationships.

She goes on to explain the physical symptoms of anxiety that are caused by the Adrenaline Response, otherwise known as ‘Fight of Flight’. These physical symptoms may be a student looking on edge, shaking, or showing sudden changes in emotion or appetite.

Understanding how to respond to these signs is crucial, and what’s more crucial is calming that student down by distracting them, and helping them be more grounded, and Abi explores the simple and effective techniques you can practice to do this.

Abi also lists the local services and support agencies available to young people suffering with anxiety, these include student services, pastoral support, mental health advisors, counselling services, and plenty more.