VIDEO: An Introduction to Barriers

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Cheryl Powell, Lead Training Officer at City College Plymouth explores different types of barriers young people face, the importance of identifying irregular behaviour, and how best to engage with parents or next of kin.
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Cheryl Powell is the Lead Training Officer at City College Plymouth, and in this video she explores the different types of barriers young people face that stop them from attending college, or school. These could be barriers at home, or in supported housing, with other young people, the journey to college, or plenty more.

Cheryl goes on to explain the importance of sitting down with young people to identify the barriers that they could be facing, and how crucial it is to engage with a young person’s parents, next of kin, or the agencies supporting them to identify any barriers or problems they’re facing.

Identifying when a young person is acting differently is also key, and Cheryl explains just some of the behavioural signs to look out for; including how they conduct themselves in the classroom, or how they behave around their friends. Communicating with the different agencies and services across Plymouth can also play an important role in highlighting any issues that teachers should be aware of.