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Jay Johnson from City College Plymouth explores some of the health problems that come with poor time management, and offers tips on how to manage time more effectively.
Jay Johnson explores how a healthy diet can positively impact our wellbeing, and how it supports depression and anxiety. Jay goes on to list the simple tips that make dieting easier, and explains the positive affects a healthy diet has on physical and mental health.
Niki Pidduck explains how important it is to make time for sleep, and explores how a positive attitude can make sleep easier. She goes on to explain the simple steps that can improve our sleeping habits, and the techniques that ensure these habits come naturally.
Helen Power explains how fast-changing teenage years are, and how challenging it is for young people to find motivation and understand aspiration. Helen goes on to explore how to identify a student’s aspirations, and how best to support their learning with their goals in mind.
Keeley Ondrak-Green defines Self Esteem and Self Confidence, and explains how these are two very different things. Keeley also explores how we can boost self confidence by setting achievable goals, and adopting positive habits.
Keeley Ondrak-Green, Employment Broker at Pentreath explains how to recognise poor mental health in students, lists the local support services available, and explores the importance of setting achievable goals to help support young people in education.
Abi Cowls, Mental Health Advisor at Truro & Penwith College explains how to recognise anxiety in students, and explores techniques to calm and support them, as well as signposting the services and support available to young people with anxiety.
Cheryl Powell, Lead Training Officer at City College Plymouth explains the importance of communicating with parents and involving them with their children’s learning, and lists the local agencies, services, and clubs available to young people.
Ed Hart, Programme Lead at Real Ideas explains what we mean by Confidence and Resilience, where our fear of failure comes from, and highlights the importance of creating an environment that breeds confidence.